PAGID Racing - RSX Premium Brake Pads!!

May 14, 2024
RSX premium brake pads are made for excellent performance across.
GT/TCR classes in long endurance racing (12+ hours).
Tested on the most challenging racetracks around the globe, RSX offers
an extended brake pad change window while ensuring reliable braking
across a wide temperature range.


  • Copper- & antimony-free compound
  • Designed to compete in GT & TCR classes
  • excellent performance for 12+ hour races
  • Offers reliant high level of modulation, performance, initial bite and disc friendliness over complete pad life
  • Developed to extend brake change window, compared to existing portfolio
  • Less pedal force for enhanced brake efficiency in comparison to benchmark product BRAKING

We will be bringing down some shapes from Germany soon and these will be loaded onto our website. Get in touch with us for more information