AP Racing Ø140 (5.5") I-Drive Metallic Racing Clutch Cover Assembly

RaceBrakes NZSKU: CP8773-BS90-SF

Sale price$4,779.00


The I-Drive clutch system is the latest in clutch technology from AP Racing which has been developed to tackle the issue of clutch drag encountered by sintered clutches when operating under demanding conditions. Making use of AP Racings asymmetrical design concept, the I-Drive clutches feature a lightweight design which also benefits from an increase in stiffness.

Having been put through a rigorous programme of testing using both dyno and vehicle testing, the I-Drive clutches are now being used in WRC where they a faced with demanding conditions over a long period of time. In this environment they are maintaining their level of performance significantly longer than a conventional clutch design. Available in either triple or four plate options and either a push or pull type operation

CP8773-BS90-SF Technical Drawing 

CP8804-OH90-FF Technical Drawing

CP8803-OH90-FF Technical Drawing 

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