AP Racing Ø184mm (7.25") Sintered Racing Clutch Cover Assembly

SKU: CP7372-CE90-SF


$1,499.00 NZD


The range of Sintered Race Clutches from AP Racing has been designed from many years of experience at the highest levels of motorsport. Being a sintered design, it is very lightweight and has a low inertia rate thanks to the lightweight drive plates. Constructed from high quality materials and formed into a compact design, these clutches are able to withstand the high demands that are associated with top level motorsport.

There are two different drive types available, an "A" Ring type which is available with either a steel or aluminium cover and "Lug" type design which is only available in high strength aluminium.

There is a wide range of torque ratings and drive plate types available to suit most applications ranging from Formula 3 to Touring Cars and Endurance Racing. Although primarily used in race applications, sintered clutches are also used in rallying. Drawing on their years of top-level experience, the knowledge that has been attained has been used to continually improve and polish the whole range of clutches in order to keep up with the ever-demanding motorsport environment.

The result is a huge selection of the finest quality racing clutches which can be available for all forms of motorsport, while making use of the latest in clutch technology.

For specific plate options please refer to the drawings below:

CP2116 Technical Drawing

CP2125 Technical Drawing

CP7371 Technical Drawing

CP7372 Technical Drawing

CP7373 Technical Drawing

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