AP Racing CP6760 4 Piston Group N Rear Radial Mount Caliper

SKU: CP6760-5S4L


$1,569.00 NZD


The AP Racing CP6760 range of 4 piston brake calipers were developed for the rear axles of Group N and S2000 rally cars but can be suitable for other vehicles used on rough terrain. The calipers have no external bridge pipe and feature protected bleed screws. This makes them less prone to damage from gravel or other debris. The body is a 2 piece aluminium alloy design and houses stainless steel pistons. Suitable for disc sizes 300 x 28mm.

Designed for Group N and S2000 rally car rear axles
No external bridge pipe and protected bleed screws prevent damage from stones and other debris
Two piece aluminium alloy body for low weight and high strength
Stainless steel pistons
Caliper Specifications

Min Disc Dia 300mm
Max Disc Dia 300mm
Disc Thickness 28mm
Piston Dia 27.0mm x 2 / 34.0mm x 2
Piston Area 29.6cm²
Inlet Port M10 x 1
Mount Type Radial
Mounting Centes 180mm
Mounting Offset 35.0mm
Mounting Hole Dia 10.15mm
AP Racing CP6760 calipers are handed and sold individually

CP6760 Technical Drawing

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