AP Racing Disc Bobbin Kits - CP2494 "Float in Disc" Style

SKU: CP2494-589K12


$159.00 NZD


These are for the Bobbin Kts - Not Individual Bobbins

The "Float in disc" range of bobbins has been improved and rationalised.
The most obvious changes are the new part numbers, an identification letter marked on the bobbin to identify the length and the removal of the flats on the bobbin head. The head flange thickness has also been increased from 2.0mm to 2.5mm, and the parts will be manufactured from a tougher and more durable material. The new part numbers are the same as the old part numbers but with a suffix added so they are easily recognisable.

CP2494-1341MD & CP2494-1342MM "Float in the Disc" have been added to the range.

Download "Float In Disc" Installation Drawing:


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