AP Racing Floor Mounted 3 Pedal Box

RaceBrakes NZSKU: CP5516-88TS

Sale price$11,699.00


This 3 pedal floor mounted pedal box features a unique pull type design which allows the push rod of the master cylinders to remain in line, this removes all side loads and makes the CP5516 pedal box incredibly efficient. The master cylinders (supplied separately) themselves are mounted in front of the pedals and under the driver's feet in order to maximise the use of space, making this particular pedal box ideal for cars with a limited amount of space within the footwell. The throttle pedal on this pedal box features a throttle rotary sensor for use with fly-by-wire throttle applications. This allows for a greater degree of accuracy in terms of throttle position and reduces the number of moving parts as well as minimising the adjustments needed in setting it up. The pedals themselves are machined from aluminium billet for a lightweight and strong finish. The pedal foot pads are adjustable while the throttle pedal features a retaining foot rest to the right to aid pedal location. The throttle pedal can also be adjusted for position and features a linkage with a double torsion spring to provide a positive pedal return. There are also adjustable pedal stops on both the clutch and the throttle pedal.

CP5516 Technical Drawing

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