AP Racing Floor Mounted Pedal Box Assembly




The AP Racing Floor Mounted Pedal Box Assemblies are designed to allow for 9 different footpad positions providing you with upmost comfort and adjustability. The base and pedals are manufactured from billet aluminium for weight reduction with high strength and minimum flex for more positive feedback and control. Lightweight and strong billet aluminium base plate and pedals
4.85:1 Brake and clutch pedal ratio
9 Different footpad positions allow for optimum comfort and control
A range of different pedal assembly options to suit different applications
Ball bearing pedal pivots provide super smooth operation
Includes a 10mm balance bar with dust boots. Remote adjuster cable is included. The throttle pedal contains travel stops and features facilities to attach to a variety of bell cranks, cables or throttle pots. The pedal pivots include roller ball bearings creating a smooth and reliable action whilst the high quality finish is continued with the spherical type balance bar assembly. Pedal assemblies which include a throttle pedal have the option of including a rotary hall effect throttle position sensor (TPS) which includes a plug.

CP5500 Technical Drawing

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