AP Racing Quick Lift Jack Lance




The A P Racing Quick Lift Jack Lance provides a user interface between the vehicle air jack system and external air supply via the pit crew. The Lance is designed to be held by the user which connects to the air supply system (hard line/compressor etc) and is the regulator in both air supply and relief.

The Lance pushes on to the 'snap on' male end connector valve (available separately) providing a high flow and positive action, ensuring maximum air flow in the least time, ensuring the vehicle is raised quicker. If the vehicle is required to be raised for longer periods of time, the air supply connector can be removed, with the air able to be held in the Jack system.

This allows the lance to be used on other vehicles (in multiple vehicle race teams) or simply removed from being as an obstruction. Finally venting the Jack system requires partial removal allowing the valve connector to vent.


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