CP6013 - Triple (3) Plate - Sintered - Heavy Duty Clutch Cover

SKU: CP6013-CH90-SF


$2,499.00 NZD


Typical Applications:
- GT / Endurance.
- Touring Car.

- Push Type.
- Stepped
 Flywheel Fixing.
stepped is inner diameter location, with optional external spigot location.
- Heavy Duty
Large area facings.
- 8 bolt, one piece cover and lugs.
machined from billet. Provides rigidity and strength and cooler running, allows dust and debris to escape.
- Black hard anodised.
- Stainless steel wear plates fitted.
- Low wear rate.
- Individually tested

match machined, balanced and clutch load recorded.
- Mounting studs available, CP4702.
- Supercedes CP4123 & CP4073 Clutch Families

Driven Plate Options

Driven Plate Thickness
New = 2.63mm Nom. / Worn = 2.38mm.

Driven Plate Types
- Large area back to back
CP3683-3FM3 - 1"x23 spline
CP3683-18FM3 - 7/8"x20 spline

CP6014-10FM3 (Extended spline hub fitted flywheel side x1)

- 1.16"x26 spline

CP6014-9FM3 (Offset hub x 2)

- 1.16"x26 spline

Gear driven 
CP4073-3FM3 - 1.16"x26 spline
CP4073-7FM3 - 29mmx10 spline

+ 3 x CP4074-6FM3 outer driven plate. 
- Other splines available see sintered driven plate chart

N.B. clutch supplied less driven plates

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