CP7855 Bearing Mounted Master Cylinder

SKU: CP7855-905PRTE


$650.00 NZD


The CP7855 master cylinder from AP Racing features a hard anodised aluminium body housed in a compact design. The short push type action combined with a one-piece piston / pushrod setup provides a high efficiency alternative to a conventional style master cylinder. The cylinder is mounted via a spherical bearing to allow for more consistent braking performance for every pedal application.

The range of cylinders available includes 14mm to 7/8" bore with a 30mm stroke and 15/16" to 1.00" bore with a 28mm stroke. Master cylinders which are .812" to 1.0" feature larger body dimensions, please check the technical diagram for full dimension details.

Inlet port: 7/16 UNF

Outlet Port: 3/8 UNF

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