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M 1144
Medium-torque material with excellent low temperature performance. Ideal for fast road, track days, karts, hill climbs, off road, club motorsport and light weight open wheel racers. M1144 is Regulation 90 approved where required.
Typical applications include:

M 1155
Medium-torque material offering excellent pedal feel, greater high temperature performance and resistance to fade. Developed for loose surface rally, open wheel and light weight saloon racing. M1155 offers the driver more controllability over more aggressive high friction compounds. Perfect where trail braking techniques are used.

M 1166
High-torque material, combining a strong resistance to fade with greater performance and stability at high temperature. Extensively used over the years in saloon, rally and open wheel racing.

F2 R
High-torque material with a lower initial bite, stable and predictable throughout the performance envelope. F2R provides increased pedal feel and improved sensitivity. Used extensively in saloon, sprint and sports car racing including shorter endurance races.

F4 R
High-torque material with high initial bite, designed for vehicles with high down force or very high grip. Particularly good when fitted to vehicles of high weight and limited disc/pad size

F6 R
Originally developed for NASCAR, F6R is a medium to low torque material that inspires braking confidence. Ideal for low grip applications such as historic and loose surface rally

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