PAGID RACING BRAKE PADS U4931 BMW M135i/140i, M235i/240i & M2/3/4 FRONT





Will fit the following vehicles;

  • Alpina B3 [E90/E92]
  • BMW M135i [F20 & F21]
  • BMW M140i [F20]
  • BMW M2 [F87]
  • BMW M235i [F22]
  • BMW M240i [F22] 
  • BMW M3 [F80]
  • BMW M4 [F82]
  • BMW M4 [F82] Competition

Will fit the following calipers;

  • Brembo M8 [8 pad system i.e. 2 sets of 4931 pads required !!!]

Available in the following compounds;


RSL 1E and RSL 1 are low metallic resin bonded materials containing steel and aramid fibers with very high heat resistance. They maintain a constant friction level over a wide range of temperatures. Their reduced wear rate and disc friendliness make these materials appropriate for endurance races. RSL 1E is further improved in terms of pad life and modulation as well as friction stability at high temperatures and pad life. As a benefit, RSL 1E provides the lowest pad wear rate in the PAGID Racing portfolio for highly thermally loaded applications.


RSL 29 features very good modulation and release characteristics. It is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers. The friction level of the material maintains constant at a low-medium level. Another advantage is the easy bedding in behavior.


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